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Accent & Dialect Neutralization



We are voice and speech specialists who will help you reach out and create instant rapport and meaningful connection with your listeners. We will help you design and refine your voice and speaking style to ensure that your message will be delivered succinctly. Your optimal voice is unique to you and we will show you how to shape your sound for a long lasting effect. Your speech needs to be clear, concise and has the potential to transform your delivery from mundane to magnificent.

Topics will include:

Accent Reduction
Breathing and Relaxation Techniques
Self Confidence for the Professional Speaker
Power Delivery for Webinars and Tele-seminars
Creative Delivery Interpretation
Pronunciation, Articulation, Enunciation, Projection, Rate & Pace
Health and Maintenance of the Vocal Mechanism
Singer Techniques for Speakers
Voice and Speech Warm Up Kit

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(Excluding Professional Workshops, Production Services, & Online Handling Charges)

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