July 7, 2016

Business Presentation

Business Presentation

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Develop the most widely sought after soft skill in today’s marketplace—the ability to present yourself well in public. This engaging and interactive class will teach you everything you need to know to become a confident and successful speaker, from organizing your thoughts to utilizing non-verbal techniques to your advantage. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned speaker looking to strengthen your abilities, this enjoyable experience will offer you the tools necessary to organize and deliver a smooth presentation. We’ll share broadcasting tools and techniques for polishing your articulation and delivery, and teach you the best ways to bring words on the page to life. Eliminate fears and build self-confidence while developing effective story-telling that will ignite and empower your next presentation!

Topics May Include:


  • [center]
    Projecting a Commanding Presence
    Building Your Self-Confidence as a Speaker
    Preparing & Practicing for your Presentation[/center] [/one_half]


  • [center]
    Thinking Fast on your Feet to Field Questions 
    Constructing & Refining Content, Theme, & Structure
    Crafting Visual/Sound Bites to Captivate your Audience[/center][/one_half_last][center][button url=”https://laulapidescompany.com/book-corporate-events/” textcolor=”#ffffff” bgcolor=”#008c02″ textcolorhover=”#ffffff” bgcolorhover=”#333333″]Book Now[/button] [/center]



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