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Fear of Speaking


Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned high-level executive looking to leverage your promotion opportunities, this experience will offer you the tools & techniques necessary to organize and deliver a power-packed presentation. This program will give you the tools and techniques necessary to build your self confidence and raise your level of self esteem as a speaker. We will help you conquer the myths and demons that surround 7 out of every 10 speakers and show you how to combat phobias for life.

This program is also available via telephone and Skype. Audio/Video taping available per client request. All sessions are available on a one-to-one coaching basis by appointment.

Topics May Include:

  • Understanding & Managing Mindset
    Dealing with “Negative Nervousness”
    Verbal and Non-Verbal Delivery Techniques
    Revealing How Professional Actors Deal with Stage Fright
    Looking at the Physiology of Fear

  • Mastering Memorization Techniques
    Investing in a Positive Mental Attitude
    Creating a Safe Structure to Explore Your Inner Creativity
    Working Through the “Moment to Moment” of the Presentation
    Combating Nervousness Prior to Speaking For Optimal Results
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