July 7, 2016

On Camera Techniques

On Camera Techniques





Experiencing anxiety on camera? The close-up freezing you up? Are you expressing what you are feeling and what your true intention is? Whether you are working on a video presentation for your next meeting, skyping in for your next appointment, or getting ready to shoot an interview or web commercial for your company our very popular On Camera Technique Class is everything you’ve been looking for to create a “commanding presence” on camera. We will focus on important areas such as detailed facial expressions, gestures, energy in a technical space, and how to “stop acting and get real!” Discover the “behind the scenes” techniques that A-list actors and broadcast media professionals use to transmit their messages to an audience, creating instant rapport and impact leading to long term relationship! Build your self-confidence while developing effective story-telling techniques that will ignite and empower your business presentation!

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