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Episode 46: Mic Camera Action Talkin Shop with Lau & Dan – Sally Gaglini

On this week’s MCA Podcast, we bring in Boston Entertainment Lawyer Sally R Gaglini to the podium… I mean microphone.  Sally shares some tips and pointers from what she has learned in Entertainment Law as there’s much that is overlooked in the entertainment industry, from a legal standpoint.  Take a listen!

Episode 45: Mic Camera Action Talkin Shop with Lau & Dan – Vocal/Singing Coach Celia Slattery

This week, the crew brings in Celia Slattery, a singing and vocal coach to discuss the benefits of singing and how she started as well as getting to where she is now. She may also have had Lau, Dan and Brendan do warm-ups during the podcast. Take a listen!

Episode 44: Mic Camera Action Talkin Shop with Lau & Dan – Ed Krasnow and Community College

This week, Lau and Dan talk to a long standing friend of Lau, Ed Krasnow, Director of the TV & Radio Department at Massasoit Community College in MA.  Ed talks to Lau and Dan about how he ended up in that position and what he has learned as a director and how that has helped him in the industry as well as how he can help his students.  Take a listen!

Episode 43: Mic Camera Action Talkin Shop with Lau & Dan – Would You Do Anything Different?

In this episode, Lau & Dan (and Brendan) talk about things they would do differently (if anything) in the business.  Think of it as telling your past self to do things differently, if necessary.  Being able to go back to the past and learning from what they did… can you still learn if you don’t do it?  Check it out!

Episode 42: Mic Camera Action Talkin Shop with Lau & Dan – Dan’s Story

This week’s podcast is going in a different direction.  A while back, Dan took a project that had allowed him to use all of his different tools and everything he has learned being in the business in order to make sure this project was completed and satisfied both himself and his client.  Lau & Brendan were blown away when they heard the story first and asked Dan to share it on the podcast!

Episode 41: Mic Camera Action Talkin Shop with Lau & Dan – Big or Small Company?

On this week’s Talkin Shop, Lau & Dan discuss pros and cons of working for a large media company vs a small media company.  Also in regards to large agencies vs smaller, boutique agencies.  Both have a lot to say about everything, another educational podcast with lots to learn!  Take a listen!

Episode 40: Mic Camera Action Talkin Shop with Lau & Dan – Hand Modeling

This week, Lau & Dan discuss a very unique style to the modeling world, hand modeling (and other body part modeling). They discuss the ins and outs of this sub genre of modeling and how it should be treated just like any other type of modeling gig. Your working hand model has a lot of work to do, it isn’t as easy as it looks and Lau & Dan talk about the work they have to do. Take a listen!

Episode 39: Mic Camera Action Talkin Shop with Lau & Dan – Bob Kuhn

On this week’s episode, Lau and Dan talk to lau lapides company’s own Coach Bob Kuhn. Bob talks about his start in the industry and how he has approached coaching from both the process standpoint and the technical standpoint. Learn about how coaching, from a coach! Bob’s unique approach to coaching is quite the story so sit down and take a listen.

Episode 38: Mic Camera Action Talkin Shop with Lau & Dan – Frankie Imbergano

From the Post Office to Acting, check out Lau & Dan interviewing one of New England’s brightest and most active actors, Frankie Imbergano! Frankie talks about starting his adult career working in a post office and how a chance contest started his long career as a Actor and voice talent. Grab a pen and takes some notes for some of the tips that Frankie drops. Have a listen!

Episode 37: Mic Camera Action Talkin Shop with Lau & Dan – Dwayne Sneed & Robert Suarez

This week, Lau and Dan invite in not one, but two guests!  Could our studio handle it?!  Dwayne Sneed is a veteran actor in Boston and New York.  He can recently be seen as a police officer in Patriot’s Day and is currently working on an independent film by… director Robert Suarez!  Robert has been directing/producing for many years and has worked with a lot of top productions.  Very educational!

Episode 36: Mic Camera Action Talkin Shop with Lau & Dan – Serge Didenko

This week, Lau & Dan sit down and chat with New England’s hottest rising actors currently, Serge Didenko.  Serge recently had a speaking role in NBC’s The Blacklist and has been featured in movies such as The Equalizer.  He talks about his Russian background and how its helped him as well as his time creating music!

Episode 35: Mic Camera Action Talkin Shop with Lau & Dan – Creating a Podcast

Has starting a podcast ever crossed your mind?  Do you believe you can create a podcast that makes you happy as well as generate listeners?  Lau, Dan and Brendan discuss and break down the process of podcasting from just a thought, to having a finished product ready to be listened to.

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