As Director of a large Boston-based medical center, I sought out a communications coach to enhance my public speaking skills across all levels of the organization - staff, colleagues, and more senior management. I was... »
William Donovan, Director of Investment Research & Analytics at Partners Healthcare System Inc.

IMAGINE Magazine Imaginnaire Awards

Presenting with disabilities with Envision Project

This week, Lau & Dan speak with members of the Envision Project.  This is an organization that helps out the visually impaired.  Listen to the stories of both instructors and students that are in the studio of how this group has helped a group in need.  Take a listen!

Working the Boston Market with Actress Carole Alpert

This week, Lau and Dan bring back the talented Carole Alpert and the three of them talk about what Carole has been up to since the last time she was on the Podcast as a guest, which was almost 2 years ago! Carole talks about some of her auditions she’s gone to and the work she’s done as well as her stories from IMTA! Take a listen!

Creating a documentary with film maker Nazda Alam

Hope everyone is staying nice and cool wherever you are! On this weeks podcast, Lau & Dan work speak with Nazda Alam, who talks about her Documentary “Rohingya: Atrocities Against Women” and the process of shooting it and her stories and experiences along the way with regards to her ultimate goal of the film. Take a listen to the podcast and find the documentary to watch!

Episode 87: Mic Camera Action Talkin Shop with Lau & Dan – Bill Herndon M2M Studios

On this week’s podcast, Lau & Dan speak with Bill Herndon from M2M Studios. Bill has been in the industry for a long time and speaks openly about casting and the projects he has worked on as well as 7 Hills, his current project. He also gives his thoughts on Shark Week! Take a listen!

Episode 86: Mic Camera Action Talkin Shop with Lau & Dan – Free Lunch

This week, Lau & Dan talk about the cautions of the “too good to be true” advertisements that you see on SM and on TV, etc.. Knowing the ultimate goals of the ads that claim you can make money or bring in more clients by taking this class. Lau and Dan talk about how to sift through and finding an offer that is legit and how to make it the most beneficial for you. Take a listen!

Episode 85: Mic Camera Action Talkin Shop with Lau & Dan – Intern Molly

This week, Lau & Dan sit down and chat with our amazing intern for the Summer, Molly!  Molly talks about her journey through school and the choices she has made through Emerson College which has led her down her current path as well as brought her to the studio!

Episode 84: Mic Camera Action Talkin Shop with Lau & Dan – 5 Hacks to Boost Your Media Career

Hope everyone had a very fun and safe 4th of July!! This week, Lau & Dan talk about 5 (and a bonus 6th!) hacks people that are looking to get in the media industry can use to help their progress. They break down each hack and go over why its important. Take a listen!

Episode 83: Mic Camera Action Talkin Shop with Lau & Dan – Coach Deirdre

This week, Lau and Dan speak with Lau’s old college friend and now current coach at lau lapides company studio, Coach Deirdre. Deirdre discusses her experience behind the scenes as a director and she has shaped her performance world around her. She and Lau also remember “the good ol days” and share some laughs. Take a listen!

Episode 82: Mic Camera Action Talkin Shop with Lau & Dan – Rose Lewis

On this week’s episode of Talkin Shop, Lau & Dan speak with one of Dan’s former colleagues, Rose Lewis. Rose, whose book I Love You Like Crazy Cakes made it to the New York Times Bestseller list, speaks to Lau and Dan about her inspiration for her books, her journey to adopt her daughter from China. Lau and Rose share stories as they are both familiar with this situation. Take a listen!

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