I met Lau several years ago when I participated in a festival of Russian Plays at Boston’s Playwright Theater. She interviewed me for television, and managed many details of the festival herself. I know Lau... »
Lyn Coffin, Instructor Writer at University of Washington

New Virtual Radio Play Performance Workshop starts!

ImprovMania Special!

This week, we are bringing you something a bit different! Dan is on vacation as the saying goes, “The Show Must Go On!” so with that being said, have a listen to our ImprovMania special as our talent that attend our weekly Improv class speak a little bit about how Improv has helped them in their lives. Enjoy!

Knowledge is Power with Zach Rogers

This week, Lau & Dan speak with Zach Rogers, a student from CSB. Zach talks about his goals to become a broadcaster for NASCAR and he and Dan discuss the finer points of the world of NASCAR and how building knowledge of the sport helps in getting into the Broadcasting world. Take a listen!

Industry Knowledge from Kansas City

On this week’s podcast, Lau & Dan chat with Valeri Bates, Broadcast Specialist for Hoffman International Model & Talent, who has partnered with Lau for many years. Valeri dives right into her story as a signed talent and eventually working for Hoffman. She also provides some great tips that people looking to get into the industry should listen to!

Appreciating your Community

Joann Yarrow returns to the podcast, this time to speak with Lau & Dan in studio (Check out her other episode: https://laulapidescompany.com/podcasts/episode-78-mic-camera-action-talkin-shop-with-lau-dan-joann-yarrow/ ) Now, Joann currently works with Syracuse University to help with their theater program. She tells plenty of stories and shares some secrets she has discovered along the way. Take a listen!

The Art of a Playwright with Brad Beckman

This week Lau and Dan chat with Brad Beckman, a Playwright. Brad discusses his experiences on both sides of the country (LA & NY) writing plays. Brad tells plenty of stories and goes over the differences between a Playwright, a Script Writer and a Novelist. Take a listen!

Sports Broadcasting with Chris Lynch

On This week’s podcast, Lau and Dan chat with one of Lau’s Connecticut School of Broadcasting students, Chris Lynch. Chris is currently working hard in getting into the sports broadcasting industry. He currently reports for PGA, College hockey and got a chance to report at this year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs. Hear Chris’s story!

A View from the Theater side of things with Jerry Bisantz

This week, Lau and Dan had a great chat with Jerry Bisantz, co-founder of the Image Theater in Lowell, MA. Jerry fell into the world of acting and tells his stories of past & present experiences he has seen along the way. Plenty to learn from in this one. Take a listen!

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