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William Donovan, Director of Investment Research & Analytics at Partners Healthcare System Inc.

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Gabrielle "Haven" Schneider Actor, Voice Over | 347.768.0511

Special Skills

  • Competitive Figure Skating (Showcase Nations figure skating medalist 2014-16)
  • Stage Combat
  • FX Makeup
  • Wig Styling



Post No Bills – Lead (Ari Bach)

Video Girl – Supporting (Tianzuo Shi)

Ass Level – Supporting (Shaina Ghuraya)

Blast of the Past? – Supporting (Liz Lian)


Shadow of Doubt – Supporting (Stephen David Entertainment)

Do Not Disturb – Supporting (Matador Content)

Elder Skelter – Supporting (Hot Snakes Media)

Amish Horror – Supporting (Hot Snakes Media)

Most Likely To – Supporting (Picture Shack Entertainment)

Voice Over/Other

Yakuza – Additional Voices (PCB Productions)

Forest of Fear – Ghost (Forest of Fear)

Artemis Sketch Comedy
– Actor (Artemis)


Alohomora – Elaine (Pyrene) (Ascend)

She Kills Monsters – Farrah, Evil Gabbi (Dorothy’s Friends Theatre Company)

When Myths Fall, Heroes Rise! – Loki (Ascend)

Reginald and Gunderson Learn to Live – Alfred (Brand New Theater)

Agents of Influence – Clotho (Alterea)



University of Southern California – Theatre Arts BA (Acting Emphasis)

Classes: Acting, Performance for Camera, Movement, Dialects, Voice, Acting for Video Games, Costume Constructions, Direction, Stage Combat, Makeup for Motion Picture, Directing Voice Over, Acting for Sitcomes, “No BS” Voice Over Master Class, Character Acting 101

Teachers: Joseph Hacker, Zachary Steel, Alexandra Billings, Chris Estabrook, John De Mita, Anne Burk, Brent Blaire, Phil Allen, Keith and Valerie Arem, Charlotte Stratton, Bob Bailey, Edgar Landa, Gary Domasin, Ian Goodwin, Steve Zuckerman, Lau Lapides, Julie Maddalena

Boston Studio
237 Weston Road
Wellesley, MA 02482

New York Studio
520 8th Ave
New York, NY 10018