Lau Lapides

Actor, Voice Over
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Model Club (New England), Brock Agency (National) - 828.322.8553)

Special Skills
  • Accents: Colorful Animation Characters, New England Dialects, Southern, Middle Eastern, Eastern European, English (Cockney & Standard)
  • Improvisation
  • Excellent Audition Reader
  • Director & Producer
  • Dancer
  • Great with Animals
  • Mother of Teens

Selected Film

The Deuce, Deuce – Jodie – Bundle New Media

Goodwill Hunting Minnie Driver’s Stand-in/Double Be Gentlemen Prod.

NYU Indie/Intermezzo Artist Dana Glazer Films

The Spanish Prisoner Traveler Jasmine Productions

The Matchmaker Crowd goer Working Title Films

Celtic Pride Bar patron Caravan Productions

Eddie Andelman Spot Bride Andelman Productions

Candle Infomercial Homemaker C & C Productions

Voice Overs

MassSave, Home Depot News Online, Shaws Supermarkets


International Theatre:

India Abroad-Fire to Ice Hindu Goddess/dancer Mass. College of Art, Dir. Sudarshan Belsare Trinidad Theatre Project Invited Guest Artist Playwrights Platform, Dir. Derek Wolcott IT London West African Jam Invited Guest Artist East London Jam, Dir. Tom Morley

Dance Du Venture The Joining Kraine Theatre, Off Broadway, NY

Selected Regional/Repertory Theatre:

Talking to Terrorists Rima, Phoebe The Sugan Theatre Company, Dir.

The Taming of the Shrew Bianca/Katherine Colorado ShakespeareFestival, Dir. Robert Cohen

Measure for Measure Mistress Overdone/Dance Captain

The Twelfth Night Maria Vineyard Playhouse, Dir. Bob Walsh

All in the Timing Betty/Mrs. Trotsky Vineyard Playhouse, Dir. Jon Lipsky

A Funny Thing Happened Geminae/Dance Captain Merrimac Repertory Theatre, Dir. Steven David

Schlemiel the First Rifka American Repertory Theatre, Dir.

Fiddler on the Roof Shayna Wheelock Family Theatre, Dir. Jane Staab

Grease Patty Nickerson Theatre, Dir. Norman Lace

Game of Patience Masha One World Theatre, Dir. Jackie Romeo

409 Edgecomb Avenue: The House on Sugar Hill Mm. Futam/Gladys Up Your Mighty Race, Dir. Akiba Abaka Tiffany Theatre UCI MFA Showcase/Various (NYC Tish/Juliard, (LA Tiffany Theatre) Dir. Eli Simon Secrets (One Woman Show) Sherry MFA Thesis: Dir. Lau Lapides Blood Wedding Mother Cohen Theatre, Dir. Annie Louie Antigone One Woman Chorus Black Space, Dir. Joann Yarrow The Resistable Rise Of Arturo Ui Dogsberry/Betty The Other Theatre, Dir. Joann Maria Yarrow

Enrico IV Matilde The Other Theatre Dir. Erin Johnson


*President & Lead Coach of lau lapides company (Boston*NYC*Miami),

*Selected as the *The Ad Club’s Women’s Leadership Forum *100 Women We Admire* Recognition 2013*

*Recipient of the “Women Who Make a Difference Award”: 2003 & 2004 honoring women leaders (Babson College)

*Selected National judge for the National Gracie Broadcasting Awards: 2012 & 2013 (Washington D.C.)

*A Special Achievement Award: The Speech Improvement Company.

*Featured in Imagine (NE), Talent in Motion & Backstage Magazines (NYC)

*Professional Memberships: AWM (Alliance for Women in Media), MBA Mass Broadcasters Association, BWME (Boston Women in Media & Entertainment



B.A. in Theatre & Dance, Bridgewater State University* M.F.A. in Acting, University of California

Voice Over

Debi Derryberri & Rob Paulsen (Animation), Harlan Hogan (Narration), Will Lyman (Commercial)


Robert Cohen (Shakespeare), Eli Simon (Scene Study), Claire Sinnet (On Camera), Joann Yarrow (Viewpoints, Suzuki), John Lovitz & Brian Thompson (Business & Marketing-UC Irvine)

Voice/Speech/Dialect: Kristin Linklater (Columbia University), Dudley Knight & Donald McKale (Speech, Dialect, Singing-UC Irvine)

Cookie - Long

Cookie - Short

Cop - Longer Version

Cop - Shorter Version

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