Lau has directed plays in several productions I have produced over the years. She always brings a fresh eye to the work and a creative spirit. Her originality and ability to work with actors is... »
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VO/Actor Pro On The Go NYC Showcase!

Richard Congelosi Actor, Voice Over | 978.985.6077 (Agent)


Darlene Sweeney - WSM Talent

Special Skills

  • Plays Guitar
  • Has Pilots License
  • Raced Cars in New Orleans and did 1 lap in Indianapolis
  • Accredited with Revolver



Crime Scene – Principal
Black Sheep Films

My Family Business (HBO Pilot) – Principal
Verano Productions

Gone, Baby, Gone – Principal
The Ladd Company

Underdog – Principal
Birnbaum Productions

Brotherhood – Principal
Blind-Decker Productions

Waterfront (Pilot) – Principal
Waterfront Productions

Stiffs – Principal
Mavex Productions

Lonely Is The Descent – Principal
Robert Suarez Productions


JPD Entertainment – Documentaries
James Devaney Productions

Bose – Bose Ride
Eve Wrigley/Bose

Guild Guitar
– Guild Guitars
Friedman Productions

Cranes101 – Forklift Training
Heather Jacob


Verizon National Spot – Principal
The McCann WorldGroup

Bauer Ice Skates – Principal
Bauer Productions


IMTA Los Angeles 2018-

1st Place – Improvisation & Cold Read
2nd Runner Up – Best Actor
Honorable Mention – Monologue, On-Camera Host, TV Real People

IMTA New York 2018-
1st Place – Cold Read
2nd Runner Up – Best Actor
Honorable Mention – Monologue, On-Camera Host, TV Real People, Voice Over, Improvisation



One to One Voice Over Coaching – Lau Lapides, Deirdre McCarthy & Wren Ross

One to One Acting Coaching – Lau Lapides, Deirdre McCarthy, Ann Baker & Wren Ross

Workshop & Classes

Working Actor On Set – Deirdre McCarthy
lau lapides company

Scene Study & Breakdown – Bates Wilder
C.P. Casting

1 Minute Actor Reel

2 Minute Actor Reel

That was Easy

Boston Studio
149 Cedar Street
Wellesley, MA 02481

New York Studio
520 8th Ave
New York, NY 10018

Miami Studio
300 N.E. Segunda Avenida
Miami, FL 33132