February 7, 2017

MCVO Current Auditions

MCVO Current Auditions

Voice Over Demos, Virtual “No BS” Voice Over Class, One to One VO Coaching, ImprovMania!

Lau Lapides Company in collaboration with Model Club, Inc. of Boston is proud to announce the launch of MC, Inc.’s brand new Voice Over Division, MCVO headed up by Lau Lapides! MCVO is seeking submissions for Voice Over talent of all ages including kids, teens, adults & seniors both union & non-union to join their freelance talent base. MCVO works with signature clients in the local, regional & global markets in commercials, industrials, narrations, and other specialized projects.

Lau Lapides Company is a separately owned boutique coaching, training & production studio that runs independently from Model Club Inc.


Talent understands that this is freelance and that they are not being signed exclusively. Talent affirms that they have read and understood each and every term and condition of this Letter of Agreement (LOA).

Talent agrees to engage in a respectful and professional manner during all auditions, meetings, and recording sessions. Talent agrees to use due diligence to meet all required deadlines at all times. Talent agrees to represent MCVO, a division of Model Club Inc., in the highest most respectful manner and behavior possible including all auditions, meetings, and recording sessions, this may include drinking alcohol, use of illegal drugs, and inappropriate fraternizing with colleagues and associates.

Talent will not hold Model Club Inc. or lau lapides company it’s owners or management responsible for bodily injury to me, or loss of, or damage to my property.

Talent understands that because Model Club Inc. and lau lapides company is under no duty to supervise my conduct, Talent are free to leave at any time for any reason and when Talent leaves, Model Club Inc. and lau lapides company is under no duty to assure the safety of my body or my property and a financial penalty may be incurred. Talent understands that Model Club Inc. and lau lapides company is under no duty to provide safe and satisfactory travel to auditions, meetings, and recording sessions.

Please print out and sign the above in this PDF: MCVO Agreement (Only if requested by agency booker)*

MCVO, lau lapides company (llc), and Model Club, Inc. do not guarantee Talent will confirm or secure an audition or booking from these audition calls. Talent is also not secured of any representation by submitting or booking any of these projects. By submitting your materials for these auditions you agree and give permission to our staff to review materials and pass along to other parties in relation to this project. All jobs booked are on a freelance basis only and llc staff do not operate as your agent representative. If you are booked Model Club, Inc. will be your agent for this project including negotiations and payment processing. Talent agrees to a 10% agent commission to Model Club, Inc.