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Testimonials from our Customers


William Donovan, Director of Investment Research and at Partners Healthcare System Inc.

“As director of a large Boston-based medical center, I sought out a communications coach to enhance my public speaking skills across all levels of the organizationstaff, colleagues, and more senior management. I was very fortunate to find such a dynamic, dedicated professional in Lau Lapides. After meeting with Ms. Lapides, she impressively crafted and continuously developed a communications program that met specific as well as changing needs (there was nothing generic about it!). Lau both challenged me and supported my efforts to become a more effective and confident all-around communicator and public speaker. My improved speaking skills particularly showed up in the executive boardroom and as a conference speaker (presenter and panelist). Ms. Lapides helping with my photography business. I have also taken acting classes at her studio, which are unparalleled in helping actors find their emotional center.”

Laila Berzins, VO and Antland Productions Voice-Over Artist/Inger-Audio Production by Antland Productions

“Lau Lapides knows a great deal about what it takes to succeed in the acting and VO business. She offers coaching as well as agent nights and showcases for actors such as myself to get seen and heard. All of her events are very detail-oriented and she makes sure that everyone is prepared and relaxed ahead of time. Lau is professional, personable, and a great person to be around!”

Rosi Amador, Native Spanish/English Female Voice-Over Actor at Amador Bilingual Voice-Overs Latin Singer at Sol y Canto

“My partner and I hired Lau to coach us as voice actors on multiple occasions. She is a gifted coach who is able to coax the best of her students by sharing her deep knowledge and concrete techniques as an actor. She gave us lots of homework and ideas to play with well beyond our time with her. Lau was instrumental in helping me begin to develop character voices for an audiobook, working from the inside of my body out. She was an outstanding teacher, and I highly recommend her! She’s also a generous and very warm human being whom I greatly admire.”

Robert Mauro, Director; Irish Institute, Boston College

“Lau Lapides is an excellent educator who delivers outstanding programs designed specifically for our needs. Lau has been working with the Irish Institute at Boston College for the past two years, providing short-courses on presentation and communication as part of our U.S. Department of State educational exchange programs. This work requires a high level of skill, competence, attentiveness, and sensitivity to highly emotional, political, and cultural differences. Lau has exceeded our expectations, and I recommend her without any reservation at all.”

Paul Horn, Business Communication Consultant and Professional Narrator

“Lau always brings wonderful energy, insight, and a sense of humor to her teaching and coaching, helping her clients understand their performance in a new light and helping them discover what they can do to improve it, and she is just plain fun to be around!”

Obert Amatruda, Analyst at IDC

“I have worked with Lau several times. Lau had great recommendations from other colleagues. She provided me tools, strategies, and mechanics to be a more effective speaker. In short, she knows her stuff. I plan on working with Lau again in the near future. She has helped build my confidence when speaking in front of large audiences. I would not hesitate to work her or recommend her to others.”

Regina Eliot-Ramsey, Attorney at Regina Eliot Ramsey, Attorney at Law

“Lau had directed plays in several productions that I have produced over the years. She always brings a fresh eye to the work and a creative spirit. Her originality and ability to work with actors is superb. I would recommend her to any theater company or playwright looking for a director.”

William Luera, Project Manager at SurfMerchants LLC

“Lau runs an amazing Studio and Training Center in the Metro Boston area. Whenever I have an actor or student who is looking to take their career to the next level, I point them to Lau and her company.”

Allison Matteodo, Entertainment analyst at Parents Television Council

“Lau is wonderful and talented and will help you reach the next level in your voice-over or acting career!”

Laura Kitchings, Cultural Heritage Professional “I attended a full-day workshop at the Boston Center for Adult Education on Presenting yourself with confidence. She used a variety of individual and group exercises to teach us how to improve our short term and long term networking skills. I had a great number of “takeaways” from the workshop that I could immediately apply to my formal and informal presentation styles.”

Debbie Irwin, Voice-Over Artist

“Lau is in a class by herself. Talented, dynamic, intelligent, and passionate. A teacher, motivator, connector, and coach who looks at all sides of a person to best help them move forward. She and her partner Mike Jabelon are great to work with. They’re going places, and they’re happy to take you with them.”

Mary Barlow, Health Communications and Marketing Strategist

“Lau provided talent for a film collaboration that I was working on. She and her team expertly recruited the right talent and set up for video shoots. Lau’s guidance and personal diligence to this project went beyond my expectations. If I need coaching or fill services in the future, I wouldn’t hesitate to seek her guidance again.”

Jill Goldman, Voice-Over Talent/Narrator at GOLDIVOX

“As a voice-over talent who occasionally has a need to hire other voice-over talent, I have utilized Lau Lapides Company often over the last couple of years. Lau has sent me demos for so many voice-over actors from which I can choose when I have need for alternate voices to record various eLearning projects which in turn have helped me grow my own voice-over business.”

Renee Carlson, Actress, Stand up Comic, Improvisation Comedian

“I couldn’t find a better description for our relationship other than Career Coach. She has privately coached me in voice-over techniques and I’ve taken a few classes her business offered. As a professional actress, comedian, and voice-over personality, Lau’s training in exceptional. I never felt rushed to leave after any session which is unfortunately quite common elsewhere. I’d never take my classes anywhere else. Worth every penny! Her office space is quiet and comfortable; I like how much I feel at home there, as if I’m part of one large family. I recommend her services highly and thank her for teaching me skills I didn’t even know I had after over forty years as a paid professional entertainer!”

John Joseph Lindsey, Actor at Model Club Inc.

“Lau is very aware of what is needed to take your profession to another level. She gives you time to understand the process. She is very detailed in her teachings with personal touches. I myself am in the process of my voice-over demo which I started last year. Lau gives me time to make sure I’m ready to go. She also makes sure you meet the right people. I recommend her highly.”


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