Lau! Thank you so much for everything. Your class at NEMG in Manchester, NH was amazing. You managed to make everyone of us feel relaxed, validated and happy. No mean feat with age range being... »
Mandy Gennaro, Actor and Physician

New York Showcase @ Ripley Grier Studios

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Time to get serious and make your acting career work for you! Finally a powerful, fast-moving TV & Film workshop that can keep up with your career. This exciting & interactive actor experience will be led by our TV & Film Staff, and will challenge you to the core with dynamic and applicable techniques that offer a solid foundation of actor tools that will help you nail that audition! Geared for anyone interested in the tv/film world or talent who are looking to improve their skills and master their techniques. Work with scripts ranging from Commercial to TV Pilots (Sitcoms & Episodics) to Films. You will have the top exposure to national scripts used in NY and LA markets to practice and shoot scenes. This is a perfect opportunity to train on camera, watch playback and receive critique from like-minded professionals. This workshop also has a takeaway for you: a copy of your class work to use for your Actor Reel!

Time: 6:30PM – 8:30PM
Date: TBD
Location: lau lapides company studio; 149 Cedar Street, Suite 1 Wellesley MA 02481
Fee: $399

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