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VO/Actor Pro On The Go NYC Showcase!

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VO Pro On The Go™

 Don’t miss this incredible event, it is not offered anywhere else!

 Promote and propel your professional Voice Over career in ways you can’t imagine!  Uniquely-designed for a multi-dimensional, 360 industry view into the mechanics and making of a voice over talent offering exclusive behind-the-scenes tools & techniques helping you distinguish you and your brand from the competition!  Gain professional development auditioning throughout the day, receiving personalized one-to-one direction and feedback from top  working NY VO industry guests! Opportunities to network and show your work for major influencers including Voice Over Talent Agents, Producers & Casting.  An incredible offering for working talent to gain face time in an industry where you are heard much more than seen!  Our fast-paced, intense agenda will rotate in 3 NYC recording studios and provide live, “real-time” interaction and experience with VO decisision-makers who may hire and/or represent you! Work on top level microphone systems, in vocal booths and with engineers while being directed and coached for success! Strategically geared for all levels from entry level to seasoned pro, this experience may be a total game-changer for you!

Note: Industry guest schedules are extremely busy. ALWAYS SUBJECT TO CHANGE* Participation in VO Pro on the Go does not guarantee Talent will receive an industry meeting post event, nor secure any kind of representation or casting. LLC does not guarantee talent will be seen by specific representatives nor any particular number of representatives.

Event DateTBD
Location2 Separate Vocal Studios, Soundvine Studios & Ripley Grier Studios
Guests IncludeEd Batchelor (Voice Over Agent from Arcieri & Associates), Ann Wright (Owner of Ann Wright Representatives), Marla Weber-Green (Voice Over Agent from Stewart Talent) & Ellery Sandhu (Voice Over Agent from Avalon Artists)
FeesVIP Rate: $649
Retail Rate: $699

No Refunds for this event (due to the commitment of our facility and industry guests we are unable to offer any refunds, for any reason including: Illness, injury, bereavement, scheduling conflicts-the show must go on).  


-9:30 AM: call time for all talent at Soundvine Studio located at 1133 Broadway, Suite 705 NY NY 
-10:00 AM - 12:00 PM: session 1 at Soundvine Studio
-12:00 PM - 1:30 PM: Lunch Break
- 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM: Session 2 TBD
- 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM: Session 3 at Ripley Grier Studios located 520 8th Ave NY NY 


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Program May Consist of:

-Top Working Voice Over Talent Agents!
-Top Working Voice Over Casting & Producers!
-Top Working Engineers!
-Top Working VO Coach!

Audition/Seminars May Consist of:

Commercial Copy
Narration Copy
Animation/Video Game Copy
Audio Book Copy

Hot Topics May Include:

-Immediate Audition Practice & Feedback
-Marking & Business Branding
-Demo Details
-Production & Creation
-Preparing For The “On-Camera Question” & “Where Do You Live”?

Guest List



-Practicing Cold Reads
-VIP Talent Profile
-Creating/Updating VO Demos

All-star panel discussion of hot topics in the industry & the “How-to’s Of Breaking In, Getting Clients & Building a Career” featuring:
-Xavier Paul, Professional Actor & Voice Over Talent in NYC
-Chris Ciulla, Professional Actor & Voice Over Talent in NYC
-Melissa Maxwell, Professional Actor & Voice Over Talent in NYC
-Debbie Irwin, Professional Voice Over Talent in NYC

Hear from our clients!


“I met Lau in 2010 while searching for a new coach to advise me on updating my voice-over demo. We connected from the moment we first spoke…her warmth, sincerity, humor and passion for the fields of voice-over and acting oozed through the phone lines. 

What began as my proposed few sessions turned into a 2-year long holistic exploration into myself as a voice-over artist and a human being. Incorporating private voice-over coaching sessions, acting classes, singing lessons and numerous Boston & New York-based voice-over workshops, Lau inspired me, encouraged me, helped me refine my skills, introduced me to a community of voice-over colleagues and kept me laughing throughout the journey. Lau is truly a one-woman dynamo and a valuable asset to the voice-over community.”
-Catherine Iagnemma, Voice Over Talent

“As a voice-over talent who occasionally has a need to hire other voice-over talent, I have utilized Lau Lapides Company often over the last couple of years. 

Lau has sent me demos for many voice-over actors from which I can choose when I have need for alternate voices to record various eLearning projects, which in turn has helped me grow my own voice-over business. 

Her excellent coaching of her voice-acting students is highly apparent in the skills I’ve observed in them, and her genuine caring for her students is palpable in every communication Lau and I have shared. She is a wonderful resource for her talent, for me, and for the acting community at large. She has great energy and integrity, and I highly recommend her services!”
-Jill Goldman, Voice Over Talent

“Working with Lau, I was able to break through a wall that was keeping me from moving forward with voice over acting. I would record something, then listen to it and I would hear a “dead” voice. Not the voice of a human being. Not the voice of someone who should be listened to. 
Lau was able to guide me to a place where I was able to visualize and sink myself into a real situation, allowing me to wring humanity out of the words in front of me. 
She’s also been an amazing guide through the BUSINESS of voice over. 
I intend to continue working with Lau until… hmm… 
I don’t know why I would ever stop.”
-Eric Fox, Voice Over Talent


Boston Studio
149 Cedar Street
Wellesley, MA 02481

New York Studio
520 8th Ave
New York, NY 10018

Miami Studio
300 N.E. Segunda Avenida
Miami, FL 33132