Nothing but praise

Lau! Thank you so much for everything. Your class at NEMG in Manchester, NH was amazing. You managed to make everyone of us feel relaxed, validated and happy. N mean feat with age rang being 14-59 and the experience range being anywhere from none to performing most of their lives at least in musical theater. I was impressed that you not only taught us skills to keep our acting natural but also life skills. You taught us through your amazing warm-up and relaxation exercises how to turn fear into courage in under 20 minutes. This is a life lesson that works in any stressful situation but one I will surely use before auditions! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I really hope I can work with you again.
Mandy Gennaro, Actor and Physician
We hired Lau as a communications coach for a multicultural global leadership meeting. She presented with both humor and gravitas, and led the group exercises that gave us actionable strategies to overcome communication obstacles in a global firm. She brings great insight and I recommend her highly.
Kris Hales, Chief Financial Officer
Lau has directed plays in several productions I have produced over the years. She always brings a fresh eye to the work and a creative spirit. Her originality and ability to work with actors is superb. I would recommend her to any theater company or playwright looking for a director.
Regina Eliot-Ramsey, Attorney at Regina Eliot Ramsey, Attorney at Law
Anyone who is associated or worked with Lau is familiar with her passion, dedication and commitment. Lau takes dynamic to a whole new level.
Meredith Marks Thayer, Artist
Lau is a detail oriented professional, always going the extra mile for her clients. She is always providing new ideas and outlets to help enhance your craft.
Harris Bloomwald, Contact Center Services Professional
Lau runs an amazing Studio and Training Center in the Metro Boston area. Whenever I have an actor or student who is looking to take their career to the next level, I point them to Lau and her company.
William Luera, Project Manager at SurfMerchants LLC
Lau is wonderful and talented, and will help you reach the next level in your voice-over or acting career!
Allison Matteodo, Entertainment Analyst at Parents Television Council
I attended a full-day workshop at the Boston Center for Adult Education on Presenting Yourself with Confidence. She used a variety of individual and group exercises to teach us how to improve our short-term and long-term networking skills. I had a great number of "take-aways" from the workshop that I could immediately apply to my formal and informal presentation styles.
Laura Kitchings, Cultural Heritage Professional
Lau is in a class by herself. Talented, dynamic, intelligent and passionate. A teacher, motivator, connector and coach, who looks at all sides of a person to best help them move forward. She and her partner Mike Jablon are great to work with. They're going places and they're happy to take you with them!
Debbie Irwin, Voiceover Artist
I have been working with Lau Lapides for two years. She is a great coach. Like all great coaches, she is insightful, inspirational, knowledgeable and has a clear understanding of all the intricacies of how her business works. Through Lau and her company, I feel that I have been well trained and well cared for as both an on camera talent and voice over artist and look forward to a long career of professional growth with her guidance.
Barry Lew, Actor
Working with Lau, I was able to break through a wall that was keeping me from moving forward with voice over acting. I would record something, then listen to it and I would hear a "dead" voice. Not the voice of a human being. Not the voice of someone who should be listened to. Lau was able to guide me to a place where I was able to visualize and sink myself into a real situation, allowing me to wring humanity out of the words in front of me. She's also been an amazing guide through the BUSINESS of voice over. I intend to continue working with Lau until... hmm... I don't know why I would ever stop.
Eric Fox, Voice Over/Actor at Eric Fox Vox
As a voice-over talent who occasionally has a need to hire other voice-over talent, I have utilized Lau Lapides Company often over the last couple of years. Lau has sent me demos for many voice-over actors from which I can choose when I have need for alternate voices to record various eLearning projects, which in turn has helped me grow my own voice-over business. Her excellent coaching of her voice-acting students is highly apparent in the skills I've observed in them, and her genuine caring for her students is palpable in every communication Lau and I have shared. She is a wonderful resource for her talent, for me, and for the acting community at large. She has great energy and integrity, and I highly recommend her services!
Jill Goldman, Voice-Over Talent / Narrator at GOLDIVOX
Lau provided talent for a film collaboration that I was working on. She and her team expertly recruited the right talent and set up for video shoots. Lau's guidance and personal diligence to this project went beyond my expectations. If I need coaching or film services in the future, I wouldn't hesitate to seek her guidance again.
Mary Barlow, Health Communications and Marketing Strategist
Lau Lapides Company provides boutique services for actors, voice over artists and corporate clients. From creating demo reels to helping performers hone their audition skills, to developing presentation skills for VPs at companies, the Lau Lapides Company caters to the unique needs of each of their clients. I have worked with Lau Lapides since 2006 on a variety of projects for theater, film and public speaking. I have worked with her as an actor and a presenter and I continue to work with Lau and recommend her and her team. They are professional, excellent at what they do and have out-of-the-box ideas which work well.
Zele Avradopoulos Social Media Coordinator & Executive Assistant
I would recommend Lau Lapides with great enthusiasm for any performing arts work, whether as acting teacher, coach, performer or career advisor. She did an amazing job with voice, speech and acting training for my adolescent daughter, who acts professionally. Lau is delightful to work with. She's talented, engaging and really knows the world of the performing arts and the skills involved in building a career in that world. She develops a great rapport with everyone, which inspires her students, colleagues and everyone with whom she works.
Sherry Leibowitz, Independent Entertainment Professional
I have worked with Lau several times. Lau had great recommendations from other colleagues. She provided me tools, strategies and mechanics to be a more effective speaker. In short, she knows her stuff. I plan on working with Lau again in the near future. She has helped build my confidence when speaking in front of a large audiences. I would not hesitate to work her or recommend her to others.
Robert Amatruda, Analyst at IDC
Lau always brings wonderful energy, insight and a sense of humor to her teaching and coaching, helping her clients understand their performance in a new light and helping them discover what they can do to improve it and she is just plain fun to be around!
Paul Horn, Business Communication Consultant and Professional Narrator
Lau Lapides is an excellent educator who delivers outstanding programs designed specifically for our needs. Lau has been working with the Irish Institute at Boston College for the past two years providing short-courses on presentation and communication as part of our U.S. Department of State educational exchange programs. This work requires a high level of skill, competence, attentiveness, and sensitivity to highly emotional political and cultural differences. Lau has exceeded our expectations and I recommend her without any reservation at all.
Robert Mauro, Director, Irish Institute; Boston College
Lau is an incredible coach, both for the beginner VO artist and the experienced professional. Her industry savvy, script analysis, and clear communication brings out the best in her clients, whether they are actors or VO artists.
Bob Kuhn, Voiceover Artist, I.T. Management Consultant
Lau advised me as a member of Toastmasters International, and I attended her workshop on speech improvement. Lau is an excellent speaker and has valuable expertise to provide quality performance coaching. I recommend Lau to organizations and professionals looking to advance their communication skills.
Ivan Jusino, Bilingual Sales Professional/Career Coach
Lau's specialized coaching is excellent and has most certainly helped me in my acting career. I highly recommend lau lapides company.
Kathy LaShay Berenson, Professional actor, producer, filmmaker
Lau is a very aware of what is needed to take your profession to another level. She gives you time to understand the process. She is very detailed in her teachings with personal touches. I myself am in the process of my voiceover demo, which I started last year; Lau gives me time to make sure I'm ready to go. She also makes sure you meet the right people. I recommend her highly.
John Joseph Lindsey, Professional NE Actor
I met Lau several years ago when I participated in a festival of Russian Plays at Boston's Playwright Theater. She interviewed me for television, and managed many details of the festival herself. I know Lau to be a knowledgeable and organized organizer. She is personable, insightful, tactful, communicates clearly, and is able to work with people from a wide range of backgrounds, with a wide range of talents. She is one of those rare people who seems equally at home in the world of art/creativity and the world of business/management. I would recommend Lau to do any job she wants to do.
Lyn Coffin, Instructor Writer at University of Washington
Lau presented at our CIO Perspectives conference in Boston this summer and was a huge hit. She energized the audience and brought excellent public speaking expertise to a group of executives. I would highly recommend her for any professional conference.
Lauren Brousell, Staff Writer at CIO Magazine
I met Lau in 2010 while searching for a new coach to advise me on updating my voice-over demo. We connected from the moment we first spoke...her warmth, sincerity, humor and passion for the fields of voice-over and acting oozed through the phone lines. What began as my proposed few sessions turned into a 2-year long holistic exploration into myself as a voice-over artist and a human being. Incorporating private voice-over coaching sessions, acting classes, singing lessons and numerous Boston & New York-based voice-over workshops, Lau inspired me, encouraged me, helped me refine my skills, introduced me to a community of voice-over colleagues and kept me laughing throughout the journey. Lau is truly a one-woman dynamo and a valuable asset to the voice-over community.
Catherine Iagnemma, Professional Voice-over Talent
As part of an All-Ireland Study Visit to Boston College, Lau's Acting and Communication Skills for Professionals Workshop allowed us to take a moment to step outside the box and strengthen our business and interpersonal communication skills. Lau made us all feel at ease with her warm personality and through practical and applicable training exercises we had a really enjoyable learning experience. I would recommend Lau to anyone wishing to learn networking strategies, developing new sales techniques, and building confidence for your next meeting or presentation!
Una Brown, Stakeholder, Engagement & Communications Project Manager at Mencap
As Director of a large Boston-based medical center, I sought out a communications coach to enhance my public speaking skills across all levels of the organization - staff, colleagues, and more senior management. I was very fortunate to find such a dynamic, dedicated professional in Lau Lapides. After meeting with Ms. Lapides, she impressively crafted and continuously developed a communications program that met specific as well as changing needs (there was nothing generic about it!). Lau both challenged me and supported my efforts to become a more effective and confidant all-around communicator and public speaker. My improved speaking skills particularly showed up in the executive boardroom and as a conference speaker (presenter and panelist). M. Lapides has great depth of knowledge, an expert and inspiring teaching approach, and a notable commitment to improving a client's communication skills.
William Donovan, Director of Investment Research & Analytics at Partners Healthcare System Inc.
Lau is an outstanding teacher/coach for anyone looking to acquire acting or public presentation skills. She brings a level of energy to her work that is indicative of the passion she has for the art of performance in both media and live stage work.
James Joyce, Executive Director at Wellesley Media Corporation
Lau Lapides Company is truly a remarkable establishment!! I can say that because I've spent and worked closely with the president of the company Lau Lapides, and Mike "The Mic" Jablon, Technical Director. On various projects from New York showcase intensive, to coaching aspiring, and experienced v/o talent, and actors. What can clients new, and familiar encounter when attending the lau lapides company they can expect the absolute best personal, professional, and exhilarating exchange a person can hope to have with a company. The attention to detail that the company provides is exceptional with over 30+ years of coaching, acting, and technical training under their belt. You will have a phenomenal one on one training session from working with Lau, Mike, the wonderful staff, and very talented interns. When you come to the lau lapides company it will feel like HOME!!!!
A.J. Cawley, Creative Team Member at Bnn Studios, OWC Network
I first met Lau while I attended a Leadership Seminar for Women. Lau was one of the presenters and I was impressed. A few months after I was laid off in 2009, I attended the Speech in the City event, envisioned and brought to life by Lau. I was blown away by this event; it's service to the community, my community. At the height of the jobs crisis, Lau created an event to give women the tools they needed to return to the work place. I was so grateful to have attended this event. I learned so much - it was just what I needed at the time. I've worked for many years to create events to the SAS Users community and I can tell you that after witnessing the Speech in the City event that Lau put together, I became convinced that Lau is a force of nature; not to mention capable, creative and caring. I hope I have opportunities to work with her in the future.
Lori Goldman, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics
My partner and I hired Lau to coach us as voice actors on multiple occasions. She is a gifted coach who is able to coax the best of our her students by sharing her deep knowledge and concrete techniques as an actor. She gave us lots of homework and ideas to play with well beyond our time with her. Lau was instrumental in helping me begin to develop character voices for an audiobook working from the inside of my body out. She was an outstanding teacher and I highly recommend her! She's also a generous and very warm human being whom I greatly admire.
Rosi Amador, Native Spanish/English Female Voiceover Actor at Amador Bilingual Voiceovers | Latin Singer at Sol y Canto
Lau was one of my instructors when I attended Connecticut School of Broadcasting. Her expertise and knowledge of how to harness and take care of one's voice was evident from the first class we had with her.
Steve Auger, Project Manager at Hayner/Swanson, Inc.
Lau Lapides knows a great deal about what it takes to succeed in the Acting and VO business. She offers coaching as well as agent nights and showcases for actors such as myself to get seen and heard. All of her events are very detail-oriented and she makes sure that everyone is prepared and relaxed ahead of time. Lau is professional, personable, and a great person to be around!
Laila Berzins VO & Antland Productions, Voice Over Artist/Singer - Audio Production by Antland Productions
Lau runs a company that provides invaluable resources to the artistic community, ranging from coaching, acting/voice classes, and workshops. I have worked with her on a one-on-one basis, and found her insightful and creative in helping me with my photography business. I have also taken acting classes at her studio, which are unparalleled in helping actors find their emotional center.
Gretje Ferguson, Portrait and Headshot Photographer
Lau is a delight. Her energy and passion are evident from the moment you meet her. Her bubbly and energetic personality engages and motivates the client the moment they step through the door. Additionally, Lau has years of experience in the industry and possesses the unique ability to tailor her coaching to her client's needs. With her terrific audio engineer, Mike Jablon, she will help you get started in the industry or hone your skills to get that next V/O job. Even if you can't make it into the studio, Lau will Skype or FaceTime or do whatever to make sure you get your coaching session. That's commitment! Another great thing about Lau and her company are their numerous industry connections (that are continuing to grow daily) and her instance on getting her clients to showcases, auditions and industry events in front of casting directors. If you work with the Lau Lapides Company you will not be disappointed!
Stuart Grimes, Assistant Swim Coach/Swim Instructor at YMCA of Greater Boston
I couldn't find a better description for our relationship other than Career Coach. Since she has privately coached me in Voiceover techniques and I've taken a few classes her business offered. As a professional actress, comedian and voiceover personality, Lau's training is exceptional. I never felt rushed to leave after any session, which is unfortunately quite common. I'd never take my classes anywhere else, worth every penny! Her office space is quiet and comfortable; I like how much I feel at home there, as if I'm part of one large family. I recommend her services highly and thank her for teaching me skills I didn't even know after over 40 years as a paid professional entertainer!
Renee Carlson, Professional Actress & Stand Up Comedian
Lau is a consummate professional who cares deeply for her clients. She and her staff are very approachable and have great knowledge of the industry. I moved to NYC from Mass, and still see her with her NYC operation, but wish I was still able to drop by her studio in Wellesley. If you want coaching, without the feeling that you are being, or actually being fleeced out of your hard earned money, this is the studio for you. I wholeheartedly recommend Lau and her wonderful organization. Great family too.
Jason Leal, Professional NY Actor
I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed this coaching session. I just love it! It feels so comfortable and fun, like I've found something that really "fits" me. I really am going to miss this class-I need my "Lau" fix!!
Kim King, Entrepreneur
I wanted to let you know again how much I enjoyed the class! I’ve read the handouts, and have been practicing my breathing and voice exercises. I’m looking very much forward to another session with you.
Danielle Murr, Traffic Reporter, WBZ radio

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