Working with Lau, I was able to break through a wall that was keeping me from moving forward with voice over acting. I would record something, then listen to it and I would hear a... »
Eric Fox, Voice Over/Actor at Eric Fox Vox

New York Talent Showcase!

Enjoying What You Do With Tramaine Montell Ford

On this week’s podcast, Lau & Dan chat with Tramaine Montell Ford, who currently does… well, everything! Singer, Comedian, Actor… you name it, Tramaine does it. He talks about how he enjoys and appreciates doing what he loves to do while acknowledging the hustle and the hard work that’s needed to do that. Take a listen!

How to Avoid Making Mistakes During a Session

This week, Lau, Dan & Carole sit down and discuss proper etiquette during an audition. There’s a lot of people out there that are able to go to lots of auditions, but don’t book the gig and it could be something outside of their performance holding them back. Take a listen!

Frankie Imbergano Returns to Mic Camera Action Talkin Shop!

This week, our friend and one of our most popular guests, Frankie Imbergano returns to our podcast. This time, he is speaking to us on the side of I-93! Frankie talks about the work he’s done since the last time he was one and how cooking spaghetti & meatballs got him to where he is today! Take a listen!

The Voice Over grind with Mike McGonegal

This week, Lau & Dan speak with a veteran of the voice over world, Mike McGonegal. Mike is a e-learning pro and talk to Lau and Dan about the work you need to apply every day to get your name out there and the work you need to put in to build a client base. Stories and advice galore, take a listen!

Working Internationally with Debora Von Habsburg

On this episode, Lau & Dan speak with Debora Von Habsburg, a client of Lau’s from her travels to Miami! Deb talks about how she has gotten work in the various countries she has been in and any differences with them and the US. Deb has a lot of experience in the industry and gives some guidance that will suit everyone. Take a listen!

Jonathan LaMaster and the life of a musician

This week, Lau & Dan speak with Jonathan LaMaster, a Boston based musician! Jonathan shares his experiences in the world of music and how that helped him become an entrepreneur. These two careers do go hand in hand so be listening for some great stories and advice! Take a listen.

Make-up and Taking Care of Your Skin

This week, Lau & Dan speak with Neysa Pierre-Francois, a make-up artist for both models and actors. She talks about her career in the industry and talks about her experiences with talent. Neysa also provides a couple of tricks and tips to look your best for the camera. Take a listen!

Teaching Communication Above and Beyond the Norm with Mimi Langenderfer

This week, Lau and Dan chat with Mimi Langenderfer from Boston Collage. Lau has been leading different types of communication workshops Mimi has put together over the last several years, most of them with speakers from different countries. Mimi discusses why she chose the job she is currently in and how important it is to find similarities in communications. Take a listen!

The World of Photography/Videography with Don Rock

This week, Lau and Dan speak with one of the lau lapides company’s professional photographers, Don Rock. Don has been with the studio for a long time and he walks though his journey in becoming a professional and the work that he has done along the way and various tips and tricks. Take a listen!

Moving Forward with a Vision with EMT Bill Clapp

On this week’s podcast, Lau and Dan speak with Bill Clapp, who is currently an EMT. He is a graduate of CSB and has a vision of starting a podcast for current and future EMTers. He talks about how this will help many people since he has been there and seen it. Take a listen!

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