Episode 61: Mic Camera Action Talkin Shop with Lau & Dan – Yemi Sekoni

In this weeks episode, Lau and Dan talk with the Owner of Donahue Models (from Rhode Island) Yemi Sekoni. Yemi talks about her background and what she looks for in talent to join one of her divisions. She also talks about the business growing and how her background has allowed her to be successful in the industry. Take a listen!

Episode 60: Mic Camera Action Talkin Shop with Lau & Dan – Jimmy Young

This week, Lau & Dan put their feet up as they have a wonderful chat with broadcaster Jimmy Young. Jimmy, Lau & Dan shoot the breeze about the broadcasting business as Jimmy talks about his history as a sports broadcaster and how he’s transitioned into coaching young kids as broadcasters! Plenty of funny stories and everyone has a hand in impersonating Howard Cosell, take a listen!

Episode 59: Mic Camera Action Talkin Shop with Lau & Dan – Sonig Varadian

This week, Lau and Dan bring in Sonig Varadian, from the Boston studio of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. Sonig talks about her career so far and how that has helped her help her students at CSB. She has a piece of the pie from several different aspects of the industry and touches upon them all. Take a listen!

Episode 58: Mic Camera Action Talkin Shop with Lau & Dan – Joan Covino

This week, Lau & Dan bring in one of our clients and a recent addition to the team, Joan Covino! Joan speaks about her corporate background and how it has played an influence on her current work in the industry. Hear how she has built her brand from the ground up and what the future holds! Take a listen!

Episode 57: Mic Camera Action Talkin Shop with Lau & Dan – Tim McCaughan

This week on the podcast, Lau and Dan talk with one of Dan’s co-workers from CNN, Tim McCaughan. Tim had spent 20 years with Washington DC journalism and has many great stories to tell (Including the “Spooning” story!). Tim also gives advice to everyone looking to enter the journalism field. Take a listen!

Episode 56: Mic Camera Action Talkin Shop with Lau & Dan – Xavier Paul Cadeau

This week, Lau & Dan invite in our newest Voice Over coach, Xavier Paul Cadeau! Xavier has been working hard out of New York and his voice can be heard in the Grand Theft Auto video game series! He goes into both VO and acting with Lau & Dan and why he also started gravitating towards coaching. Take a listen!

Episode 55: Mic Camera Action Talkin Shop with Lau & Dan – Pay It Forward

This week, Lau and Dan discuss being a mentor and paying it forward. As 2 vets in the industry, both Lau & Dan have gone down the paths of making sure the future of the industry are heading in the right direction and why it is best that everyone try to be helpful!

Episode 54: Mic Camera Action Talkin Shop with Lau & Dan – Bobbi Owens

This week, Lau & Dan bring in the talented Bobbi Owens to talk about her career path as a singer, actor & a Voice Over talent. She tells wonderful stories as well as provides some tips and tricks to our fellow listeners. Her website is http://www.bobbiowens.com

Episode 53: Mic Camera Action Talkin Shop with Lau & Dan – Joyce Kulhawik

This week, Lau & Dan speak with Joyce Kulhawik.  Joyce talks about her career in the journalism industry from her start to working with the likes of Roger Ebert and Leonard Maltin,  and working at the Emmy’s, Grammy’s & Oscars.  Have a listen!

Episode 52: Mic Camera Action Talkin Shop with Lau & Dan – Liz Brunner

This week, Lau & Dan interview Liz Brunner, one of the nation’s most accomplished journalists and one time, a a co-worker to Dan!  Liz tells stories of her journey as a journalist as well as what she is doing with Brunner Communications, where she is CEO and founder.  Enjoy the episode!

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