IMTA NYC 2022 Starts!

REPOST – Interview with Liz Brunner!

This week, the ending of the holiday season kept Lau & Dan from recording an episode this week – HOWEVER, we wanted to showcase a previous episode “from the vault!” Here is the original description of the episode. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
This week, Lau & Dan interview Liz Brunner, one of the nation’s most accomplished journalists and one time, a a co-worker to Dan!  Liz tells stories of her journey as a journalist as well as what she is doing with Brunner Communications, where she is CEO and founder.  Enjoy the episode!

Pounding the Audition Pavement with Aria Lapides

Happy Holidays from Mic Camera Action!! This week, we have Aria Lapides in studio! Aria one of our amazing talent and has spent all of 2019 auditioning and working! Lau & Dan peak into her mind on how she has handled all of this and she gives some tips and tricks for upcoming actors! Take a listen!

Self Audit for 2020

This week, Lau and Dan celebrate heading into the holiday season by going over how you can self-audit yourself and get yourself ready for the new year! They discuss several steps on how make sure 2020 is your year! Take a listen!

Blast from the past: Debi Derryberry

This week, Lau & Dan wanted to hit the way back machine and bring back this blast from the past interview with one of our favorite animation Voice Over artists, Debi Derryberry! Debi can be heard all over the place, most notably as Jimmy Neutron, but has also been the voice of Speedy the Alka-seltzer. She can currently be found on F is for Family as the voice of Maureen. Take a listen!

Coach Carole returns to the podcast!

Happy Thanksgiving! This week, we bring back Coach Carole Alpert. Carole updates us all on her success in the industry while providing insight on the tips and tricks she had picked up along the way. Take a listen!

Creating content with the President’s of the USA with Jim Lumley

This week, Lau & Dan chat with a long time colleague of Dan, Jim Lumley. Jim is a pilot and is a huge US President buff… so much so that he has created content that he puts up on Youtube so show off his knowledge! Jim tells stories about his time as a pilot as well as how he gets to use his creativity when he comes up with ideas to record. Take a listen!

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