Our voice over mindset & mission

Our studio exists to make you great! Our unique client center approach to all of our work is high-touch and highly in demand. Take a deep dive into the world of voice-over. Experience a tidal wave of feedback and direction from our cast of coaches and network of guests. Get caught up in a whirlwind of energy while discovering, mastering and practicing a hands-on in-studio or online 360 VO experience! From money to management to the mayhem of balancing a career in the industry with your personal life. We will help you navigate and strategize smart and specific tools branded just for you to help you get seen and heard. Get your questions answered and get on the path to a successful career in the entertainment industry!

Check out our new Studio Memberships.

We have launched a brand new, exclusive Talent Inner Circle. We are so excited for our 2022 lineup providing amazing discounts on ALL of our studio products and services including coaching, workshops and seminars, voice over demos and actor reels and virtual showcases.

We are proud partners of Staples Connect, Voices.com, Sweetwater and many others to offer you incredible savings on technical products and equipment. 

We provide the powerhouse tips, tools and techniques you from preparation of production to your presentation and performance and will get you connected and networked to make your brand work for you and launch or level up your career! 

What does membership get you?

  • 10% off all products, services, and events
  • Monthly Masterclass
  • Access to video library (going forward)
  • Once per month “15 minute Coach on the go”
  • $100 discount on voices.com
  • Sweetwater discount
  • 10% off initial buy
  • 10% off all additional buy over $60

    Level up your membership to receive:
  • Audition workshops
  • Magazine piece (LA Note Magazine)
  • Demo critique (once per quarter)


Personalized one-to-one voice over coaching.

We cover all genres of the voice-over industry including but not limited to Commercial, Narration, Animation, E-learning Audiobook along with your original Characters, or original written materials! The sky’s the limit. Get prepped for your next Demo session, upcoming Auditions, or get ready for your gigs.  We may even throw caution to the wind and hit you with some VO Improv technique when you least expect it. Bring in your own copy OR request that we provide a copy for you.

Learn & practice “real-time” audition tools & techniques, network with new colleagues worldwide,  interpret ad copy and scripts like you really know what you’re doing & develop a kick #$%^&* vocal prep system. Industry-standard, professional demo prep will be discussed as you detail & explore real audition gigs (copy). 

We have an extensive library of “real hardcopy scripts” in the mix-you name it and we will even write and copywriter specifically for you! hit it hard and fast for you to get the biggest bang for your buck! Come ready to talk, move, drink…water that is, and get wild and crazy!

Group Dynamics

We are proud of our signature personalized group dynamic offerings and run a full menu of group sessions throughout the year.

These interactive and engaging group sessions are custom-designed for all of our staples such for both studio and executive clients, and include such offerings as coaching groups, global industry workshops in hands-on practical application tools and techniques, classes and seminars and more.

Our hybrid online and in-person (studio) offerings give our clients an energized, engaging and exciting experience receiving ongoing coaching feedback, constructive and most critical notes that every performer and presenter needs to be successful in the industry today and a ton of fun and social networking experiences.

Build your confidence while learning the process and tools of the actor’s bag of tricks to nail that next job or promotion.


Voice over demos.

Our voice over demos conform to the highest, most up to date levels of quality in the business and are heard all over the world. We help our clients book work and land top representation. Our state-of-the-art audio studio utilizes the very latest in recording and editing equipment. From our studios in Boston, New York & Miami to our national connections in Los Angeles, the midwest and south to international partners from the United Kingdom and Canada, we will help you get networked globally.


Virtual Bi-Coastal NYC/LA Showcase

This dynamic, one-of-a-kind VIRTUAL talent showcase will give you a leg up on the national audition scene. Our signature showcase event will audition actors, voice over actors, and singers for selected industry partners auditioning for the major HUBS and will offer you everything from professional development, education on your process and performance along with coast-to-coast networking opportunities. Receive individual industry feedback by Major Talent Agents, Managers & Casting Pros! These guests are scouting new talent for TV series, feature film, national VO spots & print ads. All ages welcome. This experience may be a total game-changer for you!

Back Showcase Guests have included: Lotus Productions, Avalon, BMG, DDO Artists, Stewart Talent, Arcieri, CESD, Anne, Wright Reps, Paradigm, Innovative, Herman and Lipson Casting, Hoffman International, Talent Inc, Model Club Inc & MCVO, Paradice Casting, Slate Casting, Bundle Media, UMT Agency, The Brock Agency, Donohue Talent Genevieve Brewer Talent Management, WSM, Dynasty Models, Maggie, Pamela Kramer, casting & Brette Goldstein Casting

Working with Lau, I was able to break through a wall that was keeping me from moving forward with voice over acting. I would record something, then listen to it and I would hear a “dead” voice. Not the voice of a human being. Not the voice of someone who should be listened to. Lau was able to guide me to a place where I was able to visualize and sink myself into a real situation, allowing me to wring humanity out of the words in front of me. She’s also been an amazing guide through the BUSINESS of voice over. I intend to continue working with Lau until… hmm… I don’t know why I would ever stop.

Erica Fox

Voice Over Talent

No Refunds for this event (due to the commitment of our facility and industry guests, we are unable to offer any refunds, for any reason including Illness, injury, bereavement, scheduling conflicts—The show must go on).

Marketing & Branding

Branding & packaging of all PR materials, Money, Finances, Budgeting & Contracts, Popular Auditioning Platforms*Self-Submitting vs Agent Submissions, Headshots, Resumes, Reels, Website, Online Profiles & Portfolios, Securing & Maintaining Agent, Casting & Producer Relationships Style, Image & Branding, Union & Non-Union work, Time Management Strategies How to create & generate your own personal pipeline of personal clients. We define success as preparation meeting opportunity. Streamline your marketing materials to get ready to be seen! We will guide you in tailoring your talent tools to meet the industry standards in many markets around the world. We offer detailed critiquing and assessment services to help you get your package to the next level and in front of industry pros.  Whether you are starting out or a seasoned working professional we will show you tips and tricks of the trade to get your materials noticed.

Lau Lapides Company is truly a remarkable establishment!! I can say that because I’ve spent and worked closely with the president of the company Lau Lapides  On various projects from New York showcase intensive, to coaching aspiring, and experienced v/o talent, and actors. What can clients—new, and familiar—encounter when attending the lau lapides company? They can expect the absolute best personal, professional, and exhilarating exchange a person can hope to have with a company. The attention to detail that the company provides is exceptional with over 30+ years of coaching, acting, and technical training under the belt. You will have a phenomenal one on one training session from working with Lau, the wonderful staff, and very talented interns. When you come to the lau lapides company, it will feel like HOME!!!!

AJ Cawley

BNN Studios, OWC Network

VIP Online Talent Services

Launch your VIP Online Talent Profile page and instantly get visibility on our Website by attracting targeted audiences (Agencies, Casting Directors & Producers) to notice you for work opportunities. This is a simple and necessary step in your career to let the industry know that you have powerful presence online and that you are ready to connect! We take care of the design, launch, and all editing updates from our studio and all you need to do is send us updates as they arise. A simple way to market for online success!

Lau is a delight. Her energy and passion are evident from the movement you meet her. Her bubbly and energetic personality engages and motivates the client the moment they step through the door. Additionally, Lau had years of experience in the industry and possesses the unique ability to tailor her coaching to her client’s needs. She will help you get started in the industry or hone your skills to get that next v/o job. Even if you can’t make it into the studio, Lau will Skype or Facetime or do whatever to make sure you get your coaching session. That’s commitment! Another great thing about Lau and her company are their numerous industry connections (that are continuing to grow daily) and her instance on getting her clients to showcases, auditions and industry events in front of casting directors. If you work with the Lau Lapides Company you will not be disappointed!

Stuart Grimes

Asst Swim Coach at YMCA of Greater Boston

Lau Lapides Company does not guarantee or secure any kind of employment, meetings, or outcomes with any of our programs and all industry schedules are subject to change. Our promise to you: 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied within 30 days of your purchase (excluding actor reel/voice over demo services, showcase events, publications, competitions and online handling charges).

Our Program Works, Just Ask Our Happy Clients

As a voice-over talent who occasionally has a need to hire other voice-over talent, I have utilized Lau Lapides Company often over the last couple of years. Lau has sent me demos for so many voice-over actors from which I can choose when I have need for alternate voices to record various eLearning projects which in turn have helped me grow my own voice-over business.

Jill Goldman

VO Talent/Narrator GOLDIVOX

Lau runs a company that provides invaluable resources to the artistic community, ranging from coaching, acting/voice classes, and workshops. I have worked with her on a one-on-one basis, and found her insightful and creative in helping me with my photography business.

Gretje Ferguson


Lau is in a class by herself. Talented, dynamic, intelligent, and passionate. A teacher, motivator, connector, and coach who looks at all sides of a person to best help them move forward. She and her partner Mike Jabelon are great to work with. They’re going places, and they’re happy to take you with them.

Debbie Irwin

VO Artist

Lau is a very aware of what is needed to take your profession to another level. She gives you time to understand the process. She is very detailed in her teachings with personal touches. Lau gives me time to make sure I’m ready to go and she also makes sure you meet the right people. I recommend her highly.

John Joseph Lindsey

Professional Actor

Lau Lapides knows a great deal about what it takes to succeed in the acting and VO business. She offers coaching as well as agent nights and showcases for actors such as myself to get seen and heard. All of her events are very detail-oriented and she makes sure that everyone is prepared and relaxed ahead of time. Lau is professional, personable, and a great person to be around!

Laila Berzins

Antland Productions VO

We hired Lau as a communications coach for a multicultural global leadership meeting. She presented with both humor and gravitas, and led the group exercises that gave us actionable strategies to overcome communication obstacles in a global firm. She brings great insight and I recommend her highly.

Kris Hales


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